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Being Radical

Online Campus Blog Team —  March 18, 2011

The term ‘radical’ is not one that we associate with good character qualities as much as we once did. Growing up, ‘radical’ meant something was the best, coolest, and most awesome it could be. However, over the years we have seen this word used more and more used to describe much darker characteristics. We have seen the rise of ‘radical’ fundamentalism where people calling themselves Christians have done great harm in the name of Christianity and ‘radical’ Muslims where, in the name of Islam, thousands have been killed like we saw on 9/11. In both cases, the very darkest use of this word ‘radical’ is being expressed, and these are only a couple of the bad examples of ‘radical’ we could name. Therefore, the word ‘radical’ today often conveys a   negative, and even frightening, message. Continue Reading…