Fellowship Bible Church began with 30 couples on August 21, 1977 at Little Rock’s Anthony School. Over the years, the church has met in a movie theater, school gymnasium, and finally built its own worship center in 1985. In 2004, FBC launched it’s first off-site campus in Benton, AR and added one in Cabot, AR in 2007.

The mission statement of the church is: “To equip and unleash Christ followers to change the world through lives of irresistible influence”

At Fellowship’s Little Rock campus, we offer three simultaneous but distinct worship services called “venues”. Each offers a unique expression or worship through different musical styles and settings. In all venues, you will have the opportunity to engage in authentic, heart-felt worship in a God-centered service.

The Online Campus is a new congregation that looks to extend Fellowship’s mission statement to the world via live Sunday services and authentic interactions. If you have questions or need to chat, drop us a line via the contact page.