Breathe Deeply and Be Free

Jon Dodson —  January 3, 2011

In the book of Romans, chapter 8, God lays out the most significant truths in all of Scripture. I say this because it is here where we learn just how much God loves us and what that should mean to us.

Notice that I said “should” because we all too often don’t live in light of God’s love. Guilt and shame over our bad choices – both internally and externally voiced – get in the way of the freedom offered. We allow others to keep records of our wrongs that add to our own list; compounding the desire to hide from God and others.

That’s not what God wants for us. Romans 8:37-39 explains that we are “more than conquerors” and that nothing can diminish God’s love for us. This truth requires us to reset our mind at the very core. The God of the universe knows you better than you know yourself and He not only loves you, He sent His Son to die for your mistakes. If He can look past your mess and embrace you with the greatest gift of all eternity (eternal life), then you should too.

Freedom isn’t found in asking God to forgive you – He’s already done that. Freedom is found in forgiving yourself by believing in His forgiveness through Jesus. No guilt. No shame. And no condemnation. Ever.

If you struggle with forgiving yourself (or others) for the bad choices of life, read Romans 8 and watch/listen to Mark Henry explain it in his Jan. 2nd sermon at Fellowship’s website. Then, join us online each Sunday at 11:00 AM CST for more great worship and teaching. It’s time to be free and live the abundant life God desires for you.