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Continual Thankfulness

Will Crawford —  November 16, 2011

What one of us hasn’t sat around the Thanksgiving table packed with all the trimming and then had the matriarch or patriarch of the family say something like, “Okay, before we eat I want to go around the table and have everyone share one thing they are thankful for.”  The answers often end up being much the same, good health, family, our homes, friends, the country we live in or something like that.  These are great things for us to be thankful for. Indeed each one of these things is a gift from the hand of God. But allow me for a minute to challenge our thinking a bit. What would we say if the year that had just passed was one full of tragedy?  What would we say if a loved one had passed away, our own health had been severely challenged, we had lost our job, money was more than tight and we had to question where each meal was coming from. What if this year there was no ability to have a Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimming at all? Frankly, most of us can’t even imagine and we may never have to imagine such a scenario in our lives but what if… Continue Reading…