Honoring Parents is Honoring God

Jon Dodson —  January 21, 2011

Continuing in the REALationships series at Fellowship Bible Church is a message on your relationship with your parents given by Mark Henry. One of the things that is distinctive about this message is that it relates to everyone as we all have parents.

What might strike you right from the beginning is the emphasis Mark puts on the connection between our attitude toward our parents and our attitude toward God. Scripture is very clear about this point for every stage of our lives and it has served as a reminder wake-up call punch in the gut about some of the ways I’ve treated my mom over the years.

What’s more, as a parent to two young kids, it helps me connect my faith with the ways I am raising them and building their character. I am able to help them understand the link between their behavior, my words and Scripture – both in the positive and negative.

If you haven’t heard the message, it’s a good one and you can catch it on the Archive page.

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Honoring your parents can be tough in some situations, but it is in those moments of humble obedience where God can (and does) show up and blow your mind.